Treatment Name: Gentle Handling

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Practices

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Don't drop your spider!!

Brandon Mills




Posted Nov. 27, 2018

My current rose hair is a female, and she is around five years old now. She has never bitten anyone. My first rose hair, however, did bite a friend of mine. That one was a male, and he was approximately two years old at the time of the incident. For the record, I lived in my college dorms at the time, so he was handled daily and by multiple people.

However, the one thing that had not been done with him before that day, was him getting dropped. My friend was sitting in a recliner when I passed the tarantula off to him, hand-to-hand. As usual, my spider was active, making it impossible to keep him in just one hand. In the process of having the spider walk from his one hand to his other hand, he dropped him a short distance. The fall was probably between one and two feet.

The tarantula landed on his leg, and seemed to fine. He put his hand down to his leg and tapped the rear end of the spider, which we often did to get him to move. This time, however, it appeared that the spider got spooked. Rather than showing us his defensive stance or flicking hairs from his abdomen, he simply bit down on the receiving hand. Everyone was ok, and the bite never looked as severe as your average mosquito bite. I believe that we learned a valuable lesson, though. The assumption is that the drop frightened him, leaving him feeling threatened and vulnerable. After a full day of seclusion in his aquarium, he was fine and never bit anyone again.

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