Treatment Name: English Children's Pony Saddles

Treatment Type: Tack

Rated for: Welsh Pony

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Child Saddle Tips




Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, United States

Posted Nov. 23, 2018

Children’s English saddles should be simple and lightweight. Kids should learn to handle their own equipment early on and lighter equipment will help. The equipment should fit both the pony and the child appropriately and still have some room for the child to grow. A saddle fitter can be called to your barn to tell you if your equipment will fit right. It is also a good idea for a child’s saddle to have safety stirrups. The stirrups are open on the outside with a rubber band enclosing the stirrup instead of metal; it is a safety-release mechanism that will break if the child gets their foot stuck. Stirrup pads will add more traction to the pad of the iron as well.

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