Treatment Name: Stress Reduction

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Practices

Rated for: Thoroughbred

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Dress to reduce stress




Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, United States

Posted Nov. 21, 2018

Horses that buck while under saddle in the winter time are often just reacting to being a bit stressed from having to work in the cold. Horses can be clipped in a variety of patterns for working during the winter months, but they will need a little help keeping warm; dressing the working, clipped horse for the weather will keep it warm, reduce its stress, and make it less bucky. How to blanket your clipped horse will depend on a few things, mostly weather and work. The basic cotton stable sheet is good for day and night in the stable. A heavier blanket can be put over the stable sheet on colder nights. If the temperature really drops, a liner(or an extra stable sheet if you don’t have a liner) can be put between the stable sheet and the blanket. To help keep the sheet(s) in place, you can add criss-cross leg straps to the back of the blanket or a surcingle over the top of all the blankets at the girth area. If your horse gets chest rubs from the front of the blanket, you can use a bib over the chest and shoulder area underneath the sheet layers.
For your horse to go outside, use the rug that is best for the weather and the activity level your horse will be doing. For basic daily paddock time, turnout rugs come in multiple weights: light for slightly chilly days or for a horse that only has a little hair clipped off, medium for colder days or for a horse with its back clipped, and heavy for those really cold, wet days or for a horse with a full clip. Exercise rugs should be used to cover the back of a horse that is clipped on cold days when the horse is being exercised. Exercise rugs come in a variety of shapes so that they can attach to the equipment that the horse is wearing to be exercised. Some exercise rugs have cutouts for the saddle and rider while others are longer with loops that can attach to harness. Regardless of what activity your clipped horse is doing this winter, keep their health and comfort in mind.

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