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Stress Reduction is Necessary for Any Bird Who is Afraid.




Ocala, Florida, United States

Posted Jul. 13, 2018

Birds have a very honed flight response. It is a critical survival instinct that is programmed into their very DNA. However, in a home environment, their fear of new things can cause problems. Your bird might start to scream or pick its feathers when exposed to change. Overall, it is imperative that your bird lives in a home with minimal stress. You should avoid exposing your feathered friend to excessive noise or sudden in-home changes. If you bring a new item into the house and your bird becomes afraid then make sure to move the piece far away from the bird. On a daily basis, you can move it closer, so your bird becomes accustomed to the unknown object.

Basically, with a bird who is afraid of new things, you will need to maintain a stress-free house and take baby steps when introducing change or unknown items into the feathered creature's environment.

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