Treatment Name: Knotted Rope Training Halters

Treatment Type: Training Products

Rated for: Thoroughbred

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Rope halter and long lead - one of the most essential tools needed for young horses

Krystal Kelly




Posted Sep. 25, 2018

I have worked a lot with young horses from ground work up to saddle training them and beyond. I've started more horses than I can count in a career of 13 years working with horses in 13 different countries around the world. My absolute MUST HAVE is a rope halter with a long lead (12 ft. rope with a leather lash at the bottom and a safety release swivel clip.) The reason this is one of my must haves is for multiple reasons. If you have worked with young horses you will notice that they can be very unpredictable but also either a bit "in your lap" (crowding your space) or far from you and jittery or not focused on you. Having a rope halter allows you to control the horse from up close or a further distance and having the long lead with it means I can easily wiggle the rope and get them further away from me should they try to crowd my space, but I can also have control over the horse and "shape them" easily if they spook or get a bit further away from me. The rope halter because it uses pressure points on the nose of the horse it is easy to get the horses attention and get a little bit more respect from the horse when you try to correct them without harming them and using something severe (Some people use stud chains for example which are very harsh). A normal nylon halter can break easily and because it doesn't have pressure points most horses run through the halter and the contact, especially the babies because they don't understand just yet what the pressure means and the correct way of responding to it. Having the rope halter will give you something to quickly get their attention and allow you the chance as a trainer to do more groundwork training techniques with them. Plus the rope halters don't break and give when the horse pulls (to a certain extent.) I highly recommend this for everyone who is starting horses and its easy to look online and find the correct way to put them on your horses and various training techniques to help.

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