Treatment Name: Clicker Training

Treatment Type: Training Techniques

Rated for: Labrador Retriever

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heel, good boy!

Stephanie Marie



Cashmere, Washington, United States

Posted Jul. 6, 2018

Although I do not use a clicker, I use the words "good boy" in place of a click and apply the same concept (also known as positive reinforcement) to teach my dogs to heel. I start on a leash and at place the dog right where I want him/her to heel. I give the command "heel" then start walking. As soon as the dog gets ahead of me, I give a small correction on the leash to bring them back to where they need to be then say "good heel!" and give a treat.

This is a great way to start out. I will also set out at a walk and if my dog continues to try and pull ahead, I stop, turn and go the opposite direction so he has to also stop and change direction, and when I have his attention I'll praise, turn back around and go the original direction. I might do this 5 - 10 times in one block and it doesn't take long for the dog to start watching ME for where to go rather than trying to take the lead.

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