Treatment Name: Chewing Deterrents: Bitter Sprays

Treatment Type: Natural Health Products

Rated for: American Paint Horse x American Quarter Horse Cross

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Easy to use
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McNasty spray for the win!

Stephanie Marie



Cashmere, Washington, United States

Posted Jul. 6, 2018

When my mare had her first colt, I wanted to be ahead of the game and prevent the colt from chewing off her beautiful, full tail that she had as many foals commonly do. I ended up purchasing McNasty spray by Eqyss after being recommended by a friend. Boy did it work.... It really was nasty and I would have to cover my mouth and face when I sprayed it on because even the tiniest particles that get in your mouth are terrible! The colt never did chew on her mane or tail - and I only applied it every couple days for about 2 weeks. I think that it was enough early on to discourage him and prevent it from becoming a habit. He is a terribly mouthy horse, too, so I think I made the right call!

I started spraying it on some wood rails in the paddock too. It would only deter him for a day or two, though. It must not stick to the fence quite as well.

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