Treatment Name: One Ear Bridles

Treatment Type: Tack

Rated for: American Paint Horse

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Easy to use
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Beautiful Bridles!

Stephanie Marie



Cashmere, Washington, United States

Posted Jul. 6, 2018

One-eared or split bridles look so good on my mare! She has a shorter forelock too so not having a brow band makes that a little less obvious :)

I always used a one-ear bridle for her in my western classes for the show ring. I've used them for general riding, too, if I don't have the throat latch on (as can be done with some split-eared bridles), if she sneezes or shakes her head hard enough it's come off before! Thankfully she's a very calm, broke horse and so it's more hilarious than dangerous and I can stop and fix it pretty easily.

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