Treatment Name: Knotted Rope Training Halters

Treatment Type: Training Products

Rated for: American Quarter Horse

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Easy to use
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Clear, effective communication

Stephanie Marie



Cashmere, Washington, United States

Posted Jul. 2, 2018

Rope halters with knots in the noseband (and sometimes on the poll) are excellent halters for training. Like all equipment, they should be used by a knowledgeable user, and excessive force without the relief of pressure as a reward can do more damage than good.

Rope halters with knots discourage my horses from leaning on me, and for giving very clear corrections or guidance. I will use web halters or non-knotted rope halters for my broke horses who don't need the extra pressure.

I also stay away from using these halters when trailering longer distances. Horses can benefit from being able to lean on the halter and rope for maintaining balance and a knotted rope halter wouldn't be conducive to that.

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