Treatment Name: Lighted Collars

Treatment Type: Training Products

Rated for: Labrador Retriever

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Best Way to Walk at Night




Ocala, Florida, United States

Posted Jun. 24, 2018

Teaching a dog to heel is one of the most critical aspects of obedience work. Ideally, you should work the dog frequently in various places and under different conditions. Many owners opt to walk their dog at night or when the sun is just starting to set. A lighted collar helps make the dog visible in the fading light so an owner does not have to worry about autos.

Most dogs do not even notice the light emitting from the collar, but it is an ideal addition for training in low light situations. Also, if your dog should spook and pull loose, then you will be able to see the animal in the dark. I use lighted collars for my dogs when I am walking with them in the evening. The lighted collar makes me feel safer and better able to see my dog in the darkness.

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