Treatment Name: Training Theories: Positive Reinforcement Training

Treatment Type: Training Techniques

Rated for: Border Collie

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L Perez



Posted Jun. 25, 2018

One of the most useful tools to mould your puppy's behaviour. PR means rewarding the dog when he performs a desired action so he associates the action with the reward and does it happily and more often. The reward is a positive stimulus. If the puppy wants the reward, he should have performed a "good job", be calm, sit down, lie down, etc., so he will receive the reward for his effort.
Rewarding him when he is begging at the table, doing something bad, or you are cooking, opening the refrigerator, or just scolding him won't be any helpful and would only serve to confuse him. Any training method but especially this is based on the coherence of our actions with theirs.
Because treats and cookies are not the healthiest things , we have to gradually change a food reward for petting, toys, games, a ball toss, a chance to go out, etc. Additionally, he will only obey if we have goodies handy!
Do not use PR to reward unwanted behaviours. For instance, if you let your dog go to the yard every time he barks, you are rewarding him for a behaviour you want to discourage.

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