Treatment Name: Basic Obedience Training Classes

Treatment Type: Training Techniques

Rated for: Boerboel / Labrador Retriever Mix

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The younger, the better.

L Perez



Posted Jun. 25, 2018

Dogs learn by repetition: PATIENCE.
Dogs can also be annoyed if we demand tricks or obedience all day long.
PATIENCE, PERSEVERANCE and FIRMNESS are key when it comes to educating our puppy.
Make allowances for the ill.
The wellbeing of the whole family, including the pet, will depend on educating at an early age, and that requires TIME. Do you have it?
From 8-12 weeks of age on, your pup should start learning the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Decide now what will be allowed at home: some people do not mind having the dog on furniture or beds; for others this is unpleasant; the same applies to beggin at the table, jumping over people, chewing on furniture, and any other unwanted behavior. If you want the dog to learn certain habits, make sure that your rules are obeyed from the beginning.
Use a firm voice and short simple commands such as: don't, stop, sit, stay.
Do not use long human phrases like: why are you doing this to me, what's wrong with you, Fido, sweet heart, didn't I tell you a thousand times not to pee on the carpet?! Your dog will probably not understand!
On the other hand, rewards and scoldings should always be given at the moment of the action, or they may not be associated with such actions.
Avoid physical abuse. Never use violence. You will only get a fearful -and perhaps- injured dog. Remember that a firm "no" works for him to realize that something is wrong with his behavior.

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