Treatment Name: Stress Reduction

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Practices

Rated for: White-bellied Caique

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Posted May. 27, 2018

Almost all birds are, by nature, afraid of new things. Birds that were raised by a human from a very young age (or that were born in a house, etc.) may be less likely to get scared by new things and even be curious about them.
But, for most birds, fear works as their defense mechanism. A way to get a bird to stop fearing something new, is to have it get used to that particular object. The adaptation technique might vary from object to object, but a general rule to follow would be placing it near the bird's cage for a few days. Later on, perhaps put it inside the cage. If the bird is attached to a certain person, then having that person present the object could also be useful. This helps reduce some of the stress that comes with encountering a strange object.
Stress reduction really depends on the bird's behavior and how comfortable they initially feel around their home; the time needed for a successful adaptation will vary from bird to bird.

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