Treatment Name: Chewing Deterrents: Bitter Apple

Treatment Type: Natural Health Products

Rated for: Maine Coon

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Easy to use
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Works for Chewing NOT for Spraying or Marking




Ocala, Florida, United States

Posted Jun. 17, 2018

A cat sprays to mark its territory in an effort to attract a mate. Bitter apple does not work to stop feline spraying or marking. It does work for chewing.

Some cats chew, especially when young. I have used bitter apple products to deter chewing, and they seem to work. You have to continue using the product, or it wears off after awhile. I would have to reapply every day. Luckily, my cats have all outgrown the chewing face so it was not a product that I had to continually use. However, for the short duration it did work well.

The only way to stop a cat from spraying or marking its territory is to neuter the animal.

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