Treatment Name: Behavior Modification: Avoiding the fearful stimuli

Treatment Type: Training Techniques

Rated for: Chinese Shar-Pei Mix

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San Diego, California, United States

Posted Jun. 9, 2018

My dog was generally fearful of other dogs. Her fear response, which included shaking, freezing, and whining, was so serious that I did my best to keep her away from other animals. In addition, she is extremely frightened of loud noises.

Her reaction was so dramatic that my initial reaction was to avoid the things that frightened her. When we moved to the city, it became nearly impossible to avoid all the loud noises and strange dogs that we encountered on our daily walks. Avoidance was a lot of work. We'd have to go far out of the way to steer clear of problems. I also found that I couldn't always control the environment.

I think when we first adopted our dog, avoidance was a good technique because she was still adjusting to her new home and building a bond with us. As our bond solidified, I was able to expose her to some of the things which scared her. She has since learned to socialize with some dogs, and she does not free up or attempt to bolt from loud noises. Avoidance is a temporary solution, but it's much more effective to put in the time to solve the problem.

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