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Female spaying against aggression?

Jelena Pavlovic




Posted Apr. 29, 2018

You sure are aware that male spaying can help to reduce the problem of aggression, but what happens when you do it with females?
As you know- OHE is the complete removal of the female reprodusctive tract. Meaning that you remove the source of two hormons - estrogen and progesterone.
When it comes to spaying males, you eliminate the source of testosterone- which is followed by a less territorial behavior, and reducing aggression.
And then you have to ask - does spaying help when it comes to aggressive females?

I have a very territorial female, since a young age she doesn't like other animals, even other cats. She was spayed before she was one year old. Before she joined our family she was a stray. One of my profesors in Vet school explained to me that she shows an terrirorial behavior becaus she remembers living on the street (she was about 5-6 months old when I found her) and that now she is still afraid to lose her home. But I would say it's a bigger problem that she was not socialized at a young age (main socialization window for kittens is 2-7 weeks of age).
Spaying may not help you the way you would probably want, when it comes to females, but they will become a little less aggresive or territorial.

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