Treatment Name: Dog Feces Removal

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Practices

Rated for: Border Collie / Jack Russell Terrier Mix

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Simple and effective

Jennifer Peters DVM DABVP canine and feline



Grass Valley, California, United States

Posted Jun. 11, 2018

The eggs of these parasites are deposited in stool and contracted by ingestion. When a dog cleans its feet he may ingest some eggs. In addition some dogs eat feces and can become massively infected.
It is ideal to big up feces as rapidly as possible before eggs settle into the soil. Many parasites can live for years in the soil and once contaminated there is not effective way to removed them.
Hookworms in the soil can actually burrow into the skin (a condition called cutaneous larva migrans.) Roundworms ingested by children (in the US) cause millions of cases of blindness every year (a condition called occular larva migrans)
When considering the consequences picking up feces is a very good habit to get into.

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