Treatment Name: Hill's Science Diet Adult Dry Dog Food


Treatment Type: Foods and Treats

Rated for: Chinese Shar-Pei Mix

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Food for Recovery




San Diego, California, United States

Posted Jun. 7, 2018

When the Human Society plucked my dog out of her unhealthy environment, she was about 15 pounds underweight. Hill's Science Diet partners with this particular shelter to feed recovering animals. My pup was on their food for about two weeks before coming to live with me.

Since I didn't want to shock my dog's system too much by switching food, I opted to stick with the Hill's Science Diet dry dog food that she had been eating in the shelter. This food worked wonders for her as she worked to rebuild her immune system and regain weight.

Today, my dog is a 55-pound, healthy, happy dog. When I tell her veterinarians what type of food I'm giving her, they always seem pleased to know that we're using Science Diet. You may pay a little more for this food than the average food off the grocery store shelves, but the health payoff makes it worth it.

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