Treatment Name: Diagnostic Tests: Abdominal Ultrasound

Treatment Type: Diagnostic Procedures

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Best way to visualize kidneys

Vuk Ignjic DVM



Posted Jun. 6, 2018

While MRI or CT scan can provide more details, they're usually unnecessary in these cases since US provides more then enough details, costs much less and doesn't require general anesthesia.
ARF doesn't have single cause, it's a descriptive term which infers that kidney glomerular filtration rate is inadequate, which can be caused by a number of different conditions, ranging from severe dehydration to infection all the way to cancer.
While blood chemistry points us towards the kidneys it usually can't tell us much of the origin of ARF, which is why ultrasound and other diagnostic procedures are necessary.

Using abdominal ultrasound we can visualize kidneys, urethers (in some cases) and urinary bladder, and check for changes in size, shape, urinary stones, obstruction, and certain specific sings. Another very important use of US in these cases is taking assisted fine needle biopsy, which is essential for diagnosing kidney lymphoma.

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