Treatment Name: Diagnostic Tests: Urinary Tract X-Ray

Treatment Type: Diagnostic Procedures

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Vuk Ignjic DVM



Posted Jun. 5, 2018

Symptoms and history of acute kidney injury and subsequent failure aren't very specific, and while blood chemistry is indicative of kidney dysfunction, it doesn't tell us much about its origin. High blood creatinine indicates that kidney function is impaired, but it doesn't indicate if the impaired function is due to pre-renal factors like heart disease or shock, intrinsic kidney diseases like pyelonephritis or urinary obstruction due to kidney, ureter or bladder stones...
After a Physical exam, CBC and blood chemistry, survey abdominal radiographs are usually next step, and a good way to look for obstruction and kidney stones, they can also show kidney enlargement or other size and shape anomalies.
In some cases, these radiographs can be very helpful and give us a definitive diagnosis, for example when we find urinary obstruction due to stones, while in other cases they can be unremarkable, which is also valuable information, since then we can exclude certain conditions from the list of differential diagnoses.

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