Treatment Name: Adrenal Extracts

Treatment Type: Natural Health Products

Rated for: West Highland White Terrier

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Don't let scaremongers trick you!

Vuk Ignjic DVM



Posted Jun. 1, 2018

While there is certainly some adrenal hormones in these extracts, their dose and composition is unknown, and if your dog has Addison's, only way to treat the condition reliably is to use drugs of known composition and dose. Dose adjustments requires some trial an error when using drugs of known composition, and is virtually impossible with this type of supplement.
These extracts are usually made from bovine adrenal glands, which are just processed in order to be powdered and packed into capsules, nobody is actually determining the concentration of different hormones in them, and given the process of slaughter, chances are these adrenal glands are depleted.
Before they even get to the slaughterhouse cows are transported, sometimes for days, under very stressful conditions, overcrowded, without food or water or even enough place to lay down. Once they arrive at the slaughterhouse it's no picnic either, they're prodded, dragged, beaten... They are stunned before slaughter using concussion bolt or a very big hammer, in any case, whether they will actually be adequately stunned relays entirely on the skill of the person operating bolt gun or hammer. These cows are under extreme stress for days, which spends adrenal gland hormones at a higher rate then they generate new ones, so once the adrenal glands are removed, they might not be entirely depleted, but certainly have very low hormone concentrations.

There is no evidence of efficacy of these supplements for the conditions they're purported to treat, and at the same time, they can pose a danger to one's health. Health hazard comes from the fact that these are mostly produced from beef, and if you're not sure they're coming from the country which is free of Mad Cow disease, there is a risk of giving your dog a supplement which might potentially be infectious. Another more important health hazard comes from the fact that they're not effective in treating Addison's disease, a very serious condition, which if untreated leads to so-called Addisonian crisis, a critical condition that can be deadly in a matter of hours if left untreated.

These supplements are in no way safer, nor effective as the pharmaceutical alternatives, don't let scaremongers and quacks trick you into using something which may endanger your pet's life. Just because something is "natural" doesn't mean it's safe, morphine and heroin are natural, some of the strongest chemotherapy agents are natural, most strongest poisons known to man are entirely natural products.

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