Treatment Name: Royal Canin Canine Vegetarian Formula Dry Dog Food

Treatment Type: Foods and Treats

Rated for: Yorkshire Terrier

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If your dog has allergy to multiple meat proteins this might be the way to go

Vuk Ignjic DVM



Posted Apr. 10, 2018

Health issues cased by food sensitivity/allergy are basically allergies to some protein from diet, most often it's some of the meat sources, but it can also be gluten, dairy or eggs though less often.
These diets are especially useful if your pet is allergic to multiple meat proteins, and you don't want to keep track of them every time you buy food, or it can be used as an elimination diet.

You also would need to see if your dog can thrive on vegetarian diet. As people dogs are individuals, and like some people thrive on vegan and vegetarian diets while others go anemic and crash, some dogs will also thrive on this diet, while others wont.

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