Treatment Name: Hill's Prescription Diet d/d Skin/Food Sensitivities Canned Dog Food

Treatment Type: Foods and Treats

Rated for: Sarplaninac

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Basically novel protein diet

Vuk Ignjic DVM



Posted Nov. 15, 2017

This type of food is made from Venison and Potato, so it's basically novel protein diet, meaning you're feeding your dog a protein they never ate so they can't be allergic or sensitive to it, and potato as a source of carbohydrates as it doesn't cause allergies like grains.
This might not work if you're a hunter and your pet eats venison on regular basis cause then it might be cause of the issues.
Another issue is that your dog can in time develop allergy or sensitivity to venison.
Besides this two little downsides it's good food for sensitive dogs and you should definitely try it as it might work magic for your dog.

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