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Posted Apr. 1, 2018

Vaccination is the only relatively reliable method that avoids infecting dogs with rabies and other viral and bacterial infections.

As a rule, dogs tolerate vaccination well. Modern immunobiological preparations rarely cause undesirable side symptoms. But nevertheless complications in the dog can arise, even if the immunization was carried out according to all the rules. These complications can be classified into local and general complications: such as allergies, skin rashes, skin itching, decreased overall activity, lethargy, apathy, behavioral changes, abundant salivation, lacrimation, swelling, appearance of a seal or abscess at the injection site, muscle spasms, convulsions , impaired coordination, nausea and vomiting, refusal of food, diarrhea, involuntary urination, increased overall temperature.

Allergic manifestations in dogs most often occur after the repeated administration of the vaccine. After the first vaccination, side effects may be less pronounced. Taking into account possible complications, after vaccination it is necessary to observe for a few minutes the state of the vaccinated animal. The reaction to the vaccine may occur 15-25 minutes after the administration of the veterinary drug or on the second or third day. Everything depends on the individual physiological characteristics of the body. Lethargy, apathy, a digestive disorder is quite a normal reaction to the vaccination. The condition of the pet is normalized within three to five days.

The intensity of manifestations of side effects after immunization depends on the age and physiological characteristics of the organism. In puppies the postvaccinal reaction is more pronounced than in adult dogs. Uncharacteristic symptoms that occur in the first day after vaccination can be explained by the individual intolerance of the components of the vaccine, or if at the time of immunization the dog was weakened or already infected with pathogenic viruses or bacteria.

Acute allergic manifestations, anaphylactic shock can develop within half an hour after the introduction of the vaccine. A similar condition can be triggered by the hypersensitivity of the organism to the active substances of the drug.

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