Treatment Name: Dog Clothing: Shirts

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Products

Rated for: Dalmatian

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Use them when necessary, not for Instagram videos

Luca Trainer



Posted Nov. 12, 2017

Every time I open my Facebook I see videos of people dressing up their dogs to make a funny video, hoping for a bit of notoriety and perhaps a few shares. Some of these videos are sure cute and good for a laugh, but when I imagine these poor dogs going through this I don’t think they must be that happy.
Dog shirts are important for different reasons, to prevent excessive scratching or sun burn for example. Using them to dress up your dog at Christmas or Halloween seems a bit ridiculous to me.. nowadays people are trying more and more to have dogs look like kids or puppets, which I find sad for both dog and owner. Dog beauty parlors are everywhere now, and I often see dogs whose fur has been dyed or wearing crazy expensive gadgets! Avoid all of this if you want a happy dog, remember that dogs are not humans and that what generally works for us doesn’t necessarily work for them.

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