Treatment Name: Purina Beneful Prepared Meals

Treatment Type: Foods and Treats

Rated for: Jack Russell Terrier

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Easy to use
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It’s good when in a rush, but don’t use it as a regular food

Luca Trainer



Posted Nov. 11, 2017

You are coming home late one night and your dog hasn’t eaten yet, using one of these prepared meals will definitely make your life easier and your dog will very likely enjoy it too.
I wouldn’t recommend it to use it on a daily basis though, mainly for these two reasons: price and nutrients. It’s not a really expensive product but if you were to use it every day you would definitely end up spending more than when using kibble or meat;. As for the nutrients, I would rather feed meat or kibble high in proteins on a daily basis.
Another use for this product is when you are going on a trip or a long day out as it’s ready to serve and your dog can eat directly out of the plastic box, so you don’t need to bring along a bowl and to wash it afterwards.

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