Treatment Name: Cod Liver Oil

Treatment Type: Natural Health Products

Rated for: Bichon Frise

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Easy to use
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Better avoided, there are safer omega3 supplements

Vuk Ignjic DVM



Posted Feb. 25, 2018

Besides being somewhat high concentration of omega 3 fatty acids, though lower then fish oil, salmon oil or krill oil, Cod liver oil is also rich in vitamins A and D, which is why there is a serious risk of overdosing your dog with them and inducing Hypervitaminoses and many health issue related to them.
If you use it in low doses to just to add some omega3 fatty acids to your dog diet, this probably wont happen, though you'll add to few omega3 and too much vitamins A,D anyhow.
If you use it as adjunct therapy for certain condition, you'll definitely cause hypervitaminoses, since therapeutic doses of omega3 fatty acids are very high, and if you dose Cod liver oil to achieve them you would overdose your dog with vitamins A and D 10 times or so.
If your dog needs omega3 fatty acids, just get fish oil or Salmon oil, they're much better choice in any regard.

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