Treatment Name: Diagnostic Tests: Complete Blood Count (CBC)

Treatment Type: Diagnostic Procedures

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Vuk Ignjic DVM



Posted Feb. 10, 2018

CBC isn't really a specific test for gastroduodenal ulcers, however in some cases blood loss isn't perceived until the CBC is done. Even in very severe cases, blood may not be perceived by the owner in vomit or feces. This is mostly due to fact that blood get digested and looks dark-brown, kinda like ground coffee, so it's not perceived like blood and doesn't cause the same alarm as if fresh blood were present.
If other causes of anemia are eliminated and we've reached a conclusion that anemia is due to blood loss from ulcer in GI tract, it's a call for urgent management, and I would always recommend endoscopy in these cases to check on these ulcers first hand. Some of them might just be big, but not too deep and can be treated conservatively, while others might not be that large in area but can be deep and on the verge of rupture, which requires immediate surgical treatment.

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