Treatment Name: Vegetables


Treatment Type: Foods and Treats

Rated for: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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Veggies are treats, too!

Em Kless



Posted Feb. 3, 2018

Why does "eat your vegetables" have such a negative connotation? When my 2 year old Cavalier started to pack on a few pounds, I took a good look at her diet. After Stella would come back inside from doing her business, she expected a treat (Milkbone). Often times, treats are so small that it became easy to throw more than one her way. I decided that I would find healthy alternatives for Stella that she might still consider a rewarding treat. That's when I stumbled upon them... carrots! Yes - Stella LOVES carrots. When she is especially good, I dip the end of a carrot in peanut butter as an added bonus. Carrots quickly became one of Stella's favorite snacks, and helped rid of the unnecessary calories she was getting from her Milkbones. Of course, Milkbones are still a great treat for every dog, however substituting carrots for Milkbones really did have an effect on her weight. Just like humans should eat healthy, we must keep in mind that our dogs should, too!

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