Treatment Name: Epipen etc. (epinephrine)

Treatment Type: Medications

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Bethany Vincent



La Grange, Kentucky, United States

Posted Oct. 8, 2017

My Dog is allergic to all vaccinations. The vet said that something in the serum is what causes her entire face to swell up. Her eyes could barely open because she was so swollen and I was one extremely worried dog mom because I know that her airways could've closed up and it could kill her. Luckily our vet met us at the animal hospital (it was after hours) and gave her an epinephrine injection. The swelling subsided and she got back to her normal bouncy self within a couple days. After the first incident the Vet recommended leaving her at the vet's office for the day when she had to have vaccinations so they could keep an eye on her and give her the shot as soon as she started to swell.

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