Treatment Name: Mobic etc. (meloxicam)

Treatment Type: Medications

Rated for: Golden Retriever

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Vuk Ignjic DVM



Posted Jan. 8, 2018

By far my favorite NSAID, it's very effective and safe as long as it's used as prescribed by a vet.
Last year on a veterinary conference I attended, one anesthesiology professor from Switzerland talked about some studies they've done comparing meloxicam and carprofen to newer cox-2 selective NSAIDs from the coxib class (firocoxib, celecoxib...) in which they discovered that actually old ones (meloxicam and carprofen) gave better pain relief especially in post-surgical and other kinds of pain where inflammation was involved, since they have better anti-inflammatory action then newer more selective cox-2 inhibitors. Other studies comparing these two classes are neither here nor there, most find no major differences in efficacy or safety.
Besides potentially having a better analgesic effect, and being just as safe as coxib class analgesics. meloxicam is among the cheapest drugs around, it's about half the price of carprofen, and about 10x cheaper then coxib class analgesics.

One warning! Never use human meloxicam tablets, I've seen 3-4 cases of perforative ulcers (ulcers which actually make full thickness wholes in the stomach) in dogs caused by human meloxicam tablets. One of them even died before we could get it to surgery.
Always use oral solutions which are made specifically for dogs and cats!

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