Treatment Name: Puzzle Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Products

Rated for: Beagle Mix

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Dunedin, Florida, United States

Posted Mar. 6, 2019

I never thought it was possible to get my beagle to stop inhaling his food. It's not his fault per se--he's a beagle and his name is Ravioli; he was born to be a foodaholic. Begging every meal time is second nature to him. I haven't had to wash my kitchen floor in years because he licks up every single crumb that falls. I have to keep his dog food in a locked container in the garage because he has perfected breaking into his locked food container and feeding himself until he is literally choking to death. That's right, I've had to actually stick my hand down his throat and pull gobs of food out of his airways. So naturally, at meal times he would inhale his food so quickly that the whole bowl would be devoured by the time I got ten feet away. Worried about bloat, I tried different methods of slowing his eating down. I tried feeding him smaller portions every few hours and feeding him a few pebbles of food at a time. The smaller portions made him beg more and he almost bit my fingers off feeding him by hand; nothing worked.So when I heard about these bowls I honestly didn't put much faith in them. Deciding that I had nothing to lose at this point, I ordered one. And I'm happy to say, it works! His eating time has been extended from less than 30 seconds to a good three minutes. I highly recommend this bowl for all other dogs who have no self-control when it comes to eating.

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