Treatment Name: Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Weight Management Canned Dog Food

Treatment Type: Foods and Treats

Rated for: Labradoodle

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Salisbury, North Carolina, United States

Posted Jan. 20, 2019

Hill's Science Diet Metabolic formula food can be an extremely effective weight loss food for dogs that have difficulty losing weight, when used correctly. For those clients that I have had that have used this food and used it exactly as directed, I have seen great success with pets reaching their goal weight and maintaining it.

There are a few difficulties that I always encounter with this plan but for the most part nothing that cannot be overcome. First, I will say that as a prescription only product it can be a bit costly. However, there are often rebate programs or loyalty rewards programs associated with this food and if all else fails you could obtain a prescription and purchase this food from a reputable retailer with the potential for a bit of savings.

Owner compliance is the biggest hurdle to overcome with this food though. One thing clients often tell me is that they want to be able to provide treats to their pets and do not want to deprive them. One thing that is wonderful about this food is that it provides satiety to your pet- it makes them feel full- which is really nice for those pets that always seem as if they are hungry.

Also, this particular food comes in a dry as well as a canned version and there are also treats that can be included as a part of the daily calories. To that end, the company provides data to calculate the amount of calories that your pet should take in and from there your veterinarian can calculate exactly how much food your dog can eat per day.

This can then be broken down into a mixture of dry food, canned food and treats or whatever you would like to feed your pet. Also, if you are trying to keep costs down, you could simply feed the dry food for example and then use pieces of the kibble as a treat, as long as it is taken as part of your pet's daily allowance.

The biggest trick to this is sticking to a strict set amount of caloric intake and not giving any other foods, treats or table scraps to your pets. While on this diet your pet cannot receive anything except this food, otherwise it will be ineffective. It takes a little bit of time and dedication on the part of the owner but it is very effective when followed explicitly.

The other nice thing about this food is that Hill's is now formulating the diet to meet nutritional needs for other health issues. For example there is a version called metabolic and mobility meant to promote weight loss while providing joint support to your pet. This is great especially for large breed dogs prone to joint issues or to pets who require additional joint support.

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