Treatment Name: Recovery Collars: Soft Flexible Collars

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Products

Rated for: American Pit Bull Terrier / German Shepherd Dog Mix

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Easy to use
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Very effective product




Castle Rock, Washington, United States

Posted Jan. 30, 2019

I'll start off by saying my dog is pretty laid back but HATES clothes, blankets, anything like that. The hard cone was a no go, her anxiety was crazy. Fortunately, I found a soft cone to protect her eye after a run in with a big bad blackberry bush. I don't think it'd work out the best with protecting against a dog tearing at stitches, but it worked for what I needed. Any dog is going to hate any kind of cone, but I recommend the soft one to make sure your pup is comfortable after an injury. No need to traumatize even more!

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