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Grain-Free Dog Foods: Are They Good or Bad?




Twin Falls, Idaho, United States

Posted Jan. 28, 2019

The answer, as most dog owners have probably figured out, is “who knows?”. It has been reported that so-called “grain-free” dog foods may cause a type of heart disease in some dog breeds previously not associated with that disease. The jury is still out on this debate. The “jury”, in this case, is the FDA and the key phrase is “may cause”.

Don’t Panic! It is important that dog owners and others not jump to conclusions and spread potentially erroneous information. Such Information could confuse some dog owners leading them to abruptly change their dog’s diet. That could, in turn, cause the dog more harm than good. Make no mistake, the FDA is taking this issue very seriously. The agency also states their investigation is preliminary and is based on a very few isolated, albeit unusual, cases. They have not drawn any conclusions or issued any formal recalls at this time.

All that said, each dog owner should be an informed consumer and decide what to feed, or not feed, their own dogs. RightPet.com has a wealth of reviews about all kinds of dog foods, and you can Google: "grain free dog food warning" (w/o "") for more specific information.

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