Treatment Name: Hoof Care: Regular Hoof Trimming

Treatment Type: Lifestyle practices

Rated for: Katahdin Sheep

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Hoof trimming - it's a must




Ashmore, Illinois, United States

Posted Jan. 15, 2019

Regular hoof trimming is an important part of keeping your animal comfortable and healthy. If you have sheep, you should try to handle them early, preferably right from birth, so they can get used to you taking a look at their hooves. If you bought animals that were already grown and not used to getting their hooves trimmed it might be a bit more tricky to train them. Sheep that are not used to being handled might have to be secured by one person, while the other person trim's the hooves back. It's best to learn this from an experienced farmer or self educate. A sharp and clean tool is best to make the job easy. There are many options available from shears to special hoof knifes. I personally got some trimming shears, which look much like a pair of pruning shears for your garden and are very easy to use. Once you get the hang of trimming hooves regularly, you will notice this chore will become less dreaded by you and your sheep.

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