Treatment Name: Vaccinations: Marek’s Disease

Treatment Type: Vaccines

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I Always Say "Yes" To Marek's Vaccinations




Valders, Wisconsin, United States

Posted Jan. 11, 2019

I order my chicks from the same hatchery every year, and when I was a newbie, I had no idea what Marek's disease was. So, when I was prompted at checkout to chose to vaccinate my chicks against Marek's Disease, I had a lot of research to do.

After seeing numerous photos of chicks with Mareks, I made the decision to vaccinate all of my new chicks against this disease. I have never had a single chick contract the disease in my 15+ years of raising chickens.

The hatchery does it for me, and it is a small fee per chick. Since the disease is extremely contagious, I opt for the vaccine to protect my entire flock. No regrets!

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