Treatment Name: Measuring Body Temperature: Rectal Temperature

Treatment Type: Medical Devices

Rated for: Golden Retriever

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San Clemente, California, United States

Posted Jan. 11, 2019

My golden retriever is precious to our family. We get very concerned if he exhibits any signs of being sick. One day he was extremely lethargic, and that evening he began having nasal discharge from both of his nostrils. I was immediately concerned but knew that it could not be distemper because he already had all of his shots for that.

I still considered taking him to the emergency vet that night because of his extreme lethargy. Because I knew how to take his temperature with a rectal thermometer, I opted to do that first. His temperature was within the normal range. I ended up deciding he could wait until the morning.

I tell this story to explain why it is important to have this skill. Just like with humans, we can gage how sick our pets are through knowing their temperature. There will be times when you have your pet that you cannot make a good decision for their well-being without knowing how sick they actually are.

Imagine a different scenario where a dog has the same symptoms, the person has had a sick dog before. This person decides he can wait until tomorrow to take him to the vet. The dog has a much higher temperature than he/she realized, and permanent damage is done to the pet.

Knowing your dog's temperature can save his/her life. Have your vet teach you! And definitely have some lubricant on hand. We give our dog a treat while the other person inserts the thermometer.

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