Treatment Name: Dog Bedding: Orthopedic Foam Beds

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Products

Rated for: German Shepherd Dog

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Ortho beds to the rescue

JMalone CVT



Goreville, Illinois, United States

Posted Jan. 10, 2019

I always try to relate to my animals (my own fur babies and my patients) to a certain extent. This is definitely one of those instances that need to be relatable between dogs and humans. Would you want to sleep on a hard floor? No? Of course not. So your dog doesn't want to either. So find a bed that meets yours and your pets needs.

Orthopedic beds come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and kinds. They can be cooling or warming. They might be a giant circle or a rectangle. The coverings may be plain or really soft and fuzzy. Mostly dogs with orthopedic problems especially hip dysplasia or osteoarthritis are large or giant breed dogs. However, that might not always be the case so a small, fluffy, warm bed may do the trick for your 10-pound rat terrier. Whereas, a German shepherd may need a cooler feeling larger bed.

The ease of use is quite simple. Place a bed on the floor and let your pet find it and lay on it. Some enticing might be required for a bit until they get used to it, but once they learn the comfort they won't want to lay anywhere else. The effectiveness can make the difference in the pet bein stiff all morning and more mobile in the afternoon to actually waking up able to move. Each pet is different, but my experience is a good one!

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