Treatment Name: Nano Aquariums

Treatment Type: Habitat

Rated for: Orange Dwarf Crayfish

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Gypsum, Colorado, United States

Posted Jan. 10, 2019

A nano tank is typically 10 gallons or less, but some classify nano tanks as being up to 30 gallons. Starting and maintaining a nano tank is typically no different than a regular tank except for you need to carefully choose which fish and other creatures are going to live there. Many fish grow too large to be able to live happily and healthy in a nano tank. I personally own a Marineland 5g portrait tank and I stocked it with one Nerite snail, one dwarf orange crayfish, and 3-6 Celestial Pearl Danios. For me, this is a safe amount of creatures to house in a 5 gallon. Having too many fish or fish that are too big in a small tank can be detrimental to their health.

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