Treatment Name: Colostrum

Treatment Type: Herbal and Nutritional Supplements

Rated for: Katahdin Sheep

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Saved an abandoned Lamb




Ashmore, Illinois, United States

Posted Jan. 10, 2019

All newborn Lambs should receive Colostrum for the first 24 hours. Naturally Lambs that are being taken care of by their mother ewes get colostrum until the ewes milk comes in. Very high in nutrients and very important for a newborn lamb. But you need to keep your eye on the lamb and ewe, monitor both, because there can be instances where store bought colostrum will need to be fed to the lamb via syringe or bottle in order to protect the lamb from starvation or scours.
My Kathadin Sheep are very good mothers, but I did have to "help" newborn lambs with colostrum a couple of times.
Once a mother gave birth to twins outside and one of the lambs must have gotten too cold, it didn't cry or move and the mother ewe decided it would not take care of it. After I dried and warmed the lamb and got it going, it tried to nurse from the mother but she refused and head budded her away. I know, harsh, but for animals it is survival of the fittest. So I got some colostrum from the store and fed the lamb, it was perfectly healthy, after 24 hours I switched to a store bought sheep formula for a while and then eventually to a homemade formula. The lamb thrived and is now about 3 years old. Another time a ewe gave birth, took care of the lamb, but did not like it nursing from her, we realized quickly that the ewe had very little milk and the lamb was constantly crying, again the colostrum got her through the first day and after that she was switched to homemade formula.

Mother Natures colostrum is best but store bought is second best and might save a lambs life.

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