Treatment Name: White Salt Blocks

Treatment Type: Natural health products

Rated for: Katahdin Sheep

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Easy to use
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Important minerals for your sheep




Ashmore, Illinois, United States

Posted Jan. 8, 2019

White Salt blocks are super easy to use and my Kathadin sheep love to have this available at all times. It's important to know sheep cannot tolerate copper, so white salt blocks eliminate the worry of sheep getting hurt by too much copper which is sometimes added to other salt/mineral blocks. The white salt blocks come in different sizes and as long as they are kept in an area where the salt stays clean and dry it will last for a good while depending on how many animals you have. For my small herd of 4-8 sheep during the year a 50# salt block will last several months. There is no special equipment needed but if you prefer you can purchase a special salt block holder to discourage the animals from trying to move the salt block around with their hooves or noses. Many online stores have this available as well as most local farm store . You can also purchase smaller white salt blocks, to put into individual pens if needed. This comes in handy when sheep are lambing or need to be separated for other health reasons. Ewes with lambs need the minerals to stay healthy and the lambs will also start using the salt lick before too long.
It will keep your sheep healthy and happy and your wallet too as they are very inexpensive.

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