Treatment Name: Rice Bran

Treatment Type: Foods and treats

Rated for: Breton Horse

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Somers, Connecticut, United States

Posted Jan. 6, 2019

Bran mash has always been a pet peeve of mine. At this point, a weekly feeding of bran mash is simply a matter of tradition, as studies have found virtually no positive effects on the benefits of this feed. It doesn't prevent colic, it's not an effective source of hydration, it doesn't warm horses up, and it isn't even a good laxative. Kentucky Equine Research states that the loose stools sometimes occurring after feeding bran mash are simply because of the digestive upset caused by an abrupt change in diet.

Additionally, it has very little nutritional value. In fact, in can actually be harmful. Your horse should consume bran mash as no more than 10% of their diet because it contains much higher levels of phosphorous than calcium, which can even cause bone problems in young horses.

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