Treatment Name: Alfalfa Hay

Treatment Type: Foods and treats

Rated for: Nubian Goat

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Good Quality Alfalfa Hay = Happy, healthy animals




Ashmore, Illinois, United States

Posted Jan. 7, 2019

Alfalfa Hay is great feed for Nubian Goats as well as for Kathadin Sheep.
My experience with Alfalfa Hay has been very positive, I have used it for years now, but not until learning the hard way the importance of growing, buying and/or baling quality alfalfa hay for your livestock.
Initially I purchased what was supposedly Alfalfa hay from a local farmer. My animals did NOT approve. I had Nubian dairy goats at the time, which even ate thorns from rose bushes but refused to eat this hay. What I learned quickly from this mistake was that the hay has to be good quality in order for your animals to eat it. The goats and sheep certainly seem to have a "Quality Meter" built into their bodies.

Take into consideration several important factors when choosing Alfalfa Hay for your Animals:
1. The age of the pasture it is from:
- A new Alfalfa field is still getting established and might have more weeds as the alfalfa is slow to start, but once established chokes out most weeds.
- A very old field is going to start declining, with more grasses and weeds in the hay as a result.
That being said , I have had hay from young and old fields and my animals have thrived on both.
2. The time of cutting:
- hay should be baled during a dry spell and properly seasoned, to help with limiting moisture to prevent mold
3. The age of the dried bale:
-The older the hay the less nutrients are in it.
4. Storage:
It is very important for the hay to be stored in a dry location but also not completely airtight to prevent the growth of mold.

Quality Alfalfa hay is high in protein and great feed for Goats and Sheep.

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