Treatment Name: Surgical Procedures: Female Spaying (Ovariohysterectomy - OVH)

Treatment Type: Medical and Surgical Procedures

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A life threatening situation: Emergency spay procedure




Bradenton, Florida, United States

Posted Jan. 6, 2019

A pyometra is a disease which affects the reproductive organs and needs an emergency removal of the infected uterus, or the animal can die. There are two types of pyometra: closed and open. If there is pus draining out the vulva it is open. If the cervix is sealed, the lines is shorter and more severe; if open, the drainage of pus helps keep the toxin load down, but pooling of the pus may still occur so the pet will get worse. Baseline blood work should be taken before the animal is induced agnostically. Since spaying is the removal of the ovaries to precent pregnancy, it is the best option to prevent this infection from happening. If your animal has any signs of a massive infection, bring you female dog to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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