Treatment Name: Diagnostic Tests: Lab Fecal Examination

Treatment Type: Diagnostic Procedures

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Simple, efficient, and costly way to identify intestinal parasites

S Dean - Trainer and Former Vet Tech



Gramercy, Louisiana, United States

Posted Jan. 2, 2019

Sometimes it is easy to know if a patient has intestinal parasites. They can be seen directly in the patient's stool in the case of certain worms. Other times, such as with Coccidia, naked eye examination is not enough to determine the specific cause of diarrhea.

In the case of as yet undiagnosed intestinal problems, a fecal float should be part of diagnostic testing. Either the client can bring in a stool sample, or one can (usually) be collected using a fecal loop. After floating the sample in a solution, the parasites or their eggs will be visible on the slide under a microscope. Sometimes more than one fecal examination may need to be done to positively confirm the culprit as each sample doesn't always guarantee a parasite or egg.

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