Treatment Name: Diagnostic Tests: Microfilaria Screen

Treatment Type: Diagnostic Procedures

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Simple adjunct during heartworm workups

S Dean - Trainer and Former Vet Tech



Gramercy, Louisiana, United States

Posted Jan. 2, 2019

While microfilarial testing is not a primary diagnostic tool for heartworms, it does help to get a better overall picture of what is being dealt with. Heartworm preventatives take care of heartworms at immature stages, so in a patient with preventatives, microfilaria may not be present.

On the other hand, sometimes a heartworm test may not be conclusive. In these instances, an adjunct microfilaria screening can help with a confirmation, as the presence of microfilaria shows positive presence of adult heartworms.

Given the relative ease of the test, looking at blood under a microscope, this can be a quick and very cost efficient way to confirm heartworms in a questionable patient.

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