Treatment Name: Cerenia (maropitant)

Treatment Type: Medications

Rated for: German Shepherd Dog

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Easy to use
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Effective and versatile for treating nausea

S Dean - Trainer and Former Vet Tech



Gramercy, Louisiana, United States

Posted Jan. 2, 2019

Cerenia is effective at reducing the nausea that accompanies parvovirus infections. Its injectable form can be administered very easily through the patient's IV fluids.

In the instances where IV fluids are not being used, Cerenia can be administered subcutaneously. Though Cerenia has an additive that is supposed to mitigate injection pain, it still causes a pain response in a significant number of recipients.

Studies conducted on the pain responsiveness at time of injection showed that when cooled in a standard refrigerator, Cerenia was markedly less painful to the patients without a reduction in efficacy.

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