Treatment Name: Himalayan Salt Blocks and Licks

Treatment Type: Natural health products

Rated for: African Pygmy Goat

/ 5
Easy to use
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Way less messy than loose salts are




Huntington, West Virginia, United States

Posted Dec. 30, 2018

We used salt blocks and salt licks for our goats. We didn't use the kind with iodine in it very often. Goats do need some iodine, but too much of it can cause problems, the same as too much of any type of mineral can. You wouldn't think that there would be so many kinds of salt for livestock, but there are whole rows of it at feed and supply stores, so they're easy to find and buy. You won't have to motivate your goats to lick them, either. Whenever they want the salt, they'll go over to it. However, we had some messy incidents with loose salt, and I'm not a big fan of that.

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