Treatment Name: Emotional Support: Online Support Groups

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Practices

Rated for: Chihuahua

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York, South Carolina, United States

Posted Dec. 28, 2018

I love the idea of online support groups. Whether it be for your pet with CHF or for some other disease or even a support group for your own health issues. Support groups help those who are new to the disease understand whats happening, whats the next stage, whats the best meds, foods, therapies to try. Its also a great place to get support and comfort when things seem bleak and nothing is working. RightPet is a great support site, not necessary so much as a place to communicate right then and there with someone like social media would be, but its a great place to come and find new information about certain meds to try, what worked best, what didn't work so well. What kind of exams, procedures, tests, should be the next step etc. It is a great place to get information from those who have tried it and not just a well this this and this all can be used to treat such and such so you could try one of those, but which one is the best?

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